Courses for learning how to build Web Applications with Golang

I would like to share some courses I found on Udemy for learning how to use Golang in Web development.

Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang)

I’ve finished this course and can recommend it to understand how Go can be used as a backend language for websites (booking apartments app). It is used in pair with PostgreSQL and HTML, CSS, js for the frontend, so you’ll learn the process of full stack website development (actually I didn’t like the frontend part and mostly copypasted this section).

gRPC [Golang] Master Class: Build Modern API & Microservices

It’s the second course I’ve passed. Nowadays gRPC become more and more popular for communications because it has advantages compared to RestApi.

In this course, you learn the gRPC theory to understand how gRPC works. You will Write your gRPC service definition in .proto files and implement Unary, Server Streaming, Client Streaming & Bi-Directional Streaming API. Also, you will implement a full CRUD API on top of MongoDB.

Working with Microservices in Go (Golang)

It’s the next course I’m going to learn. It’ll complete the picture of developing Microservices in Golang. It has a section about how to use queues and deploy apps to Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Cluster.

Working with WebSockets in Go (Golang)

One of the courses I also want to learn. I’ve never worked with WebSockets and would like to know more about it.

I faced many jobs offers where WebSockets is one of the requirements, so maybe I miss the opportunity to work on interesting projects.

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