Dogs breeds dataset


Database contains 370 dog breeds.

But for now, there are the only first 160 of the most popular dog breeds by AKC in the dataset have full data listed below.

We weekly update database, so the number of breeds is going up. You can download the data example by this link.

Data can be provided in the following formats: JSON, SQL, XLS, and CSV.

Breeds Dataset fields

  • Id
  • Slug – unique English name
  • Thumbnail – picture of the dog’s head. Size: width 220px, height is proportional.
  • Main Image – picture of the dog in full size. Normally picture size is from 800*900 to 1000*1000 px
  • Name – dog breed
  • Other Names – other known breed names of the breed.
  • Origin – country or countries of the dog’s origin
  • Breed Group – groups by AKC & UKC. Format JSON.
  • Size – value from the set [Smallest, Small, Medium, Large, Giant]
  • Type – currently all Purebred
  • Temperament – the breed temperament. Format JSON: [“Protective”,”Dominant”,”Fearless”,”Obedient”,”Stubborn”,”Trainable”]
  • Height Male – the height of the male breed. In format 26-30 inches (65-75 cm)
  • Height Female
  • Weight Male
  • Weight Female
  • Colors – the breed’s possible colors. Format JSON: [“Black”,”Blue”,”Mahogany”,”Tawny”]
  • Adapts Well To Apartment Living – the breed estimated value for the how breed Adapts Well To Apartment Living. Value range: 1-5. Same for parameters below.
  • Good For Novice Owners
  • Sensitivity Level
  • Tolerates Being Alone
  • Tolerates Cold Weather
  • Tolerates Hot Weather
  • Affectionate With Family
  • Kid Friendly
  • Dog Friendly
  • Friendly Toward Strangers
  • Amount Of Shedding
  • Drooling Potential
  • Easy To Groom
  • General Health
  • Potential For Weight Gain
  • Easy To Train
  • Intelligence
  • Potential For Mouthiness
  • Prey Drive
  • Tendency To Bark Or Howl
  • Wanderlust Potential
  • Energy Level
  • Intensity
  • Exercise Needs
  • Potential For Playfulness
  • Life Span Min – how short does the breed life. Format int
  • Life Span Max
  • Litter Size Min – how small can be the breed litter size. Format int.
  • Litter Size Max
  • Puppy Price Min – how small can be the breed puppy cost. Format int
  • Puppy Price Max
  • Standard Kc Url – link to AKC breed information
  • Standard Fci Url – link to FCI breed information
  • Wikipedia Url – link to Wikipedia breed page
  • Rating 2020 – the breed rating by AKC in 2020. Format int.
  • Rating 2021 – the breed rating by AKC in 2021. Format int.
  • Rating 2021 – the breed rating by AKC in 2021. Format int.
  • Hypoallergenic – Format bool: 1 or 0.
  • Video – id of the video on Youtube. Video from the most famous channels. Videos about the breed (overview) or pros cons of the breed. As example: vNscIMWdcqo. Full link to youtube can be built by adding an id to

Example of Thumbnail

Example of Main Image

All data are collected from different resources.

How to download the breed dataset?

You can buy it for 50 USD, just text me by feedback form or by Telegram.

I can modify some data if you wish, feel free to contact me.

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