Shortcuts from PhpStorm to VSCode

If you used to use PhpStorm for long time and started to use VSCode recently, you must be feel uncomfortable with new Keyboard shortcuts.

The most easiest way to migrate shortcuts from your IDE to VSCode: File->Preferences->Migrate Keyboards shortcuts from…

If you want just update some command manually

I prepared cheat sheet of the most important commands I use every hour during my work time. Column Shortcuts contains keys I set by myself (it’s not original). I think 2 first columns will be most helpful for you, so you can find name of shortcuts in each IDE easier and set shortcut you want.

Comment with line commentToggle Block CommentsCtrl+Shift+Q
Last Edit LocationGo Back in Edit LocationsCtrl+Q
Delete LineDelete LineCtrl+E
Move Statement UpMove line UpCtrl+Shift+UpArrow
Move Statement DownMove line DownCtrl+Shift+DownArrow
Expand selectionExpand selectionCtrl+W
Duplicate line or selectionDuplicate SelectionCtrl+D
Go to line/ColumnGo to line/ColumnCtrl+G
Recent FilesView: Show All Editors By most Recently UsedCtrl+F10
Start new lineInsert line BelowShift+Enter

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